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Ongoing research and articles under review

(copies available upon request)

Economic voting and unemployment: Evidence from a survey experiment with Kostas Gemenis and Iannis Konstantinidis

Roula Nezi, ”Economic Voting during the Economic Crisis: A Comparative Analysis.

Acceptance of austerity policies: Evidence from a survey experiment with Theofanis Exadaktylos.

The emotional economy of austerity: affect in the world of populism with Theofanis Exadaktylos.

Ticket-split in EU split-Level Democracy: Seeking Policy Representation across National & EP Arenas with Zoe Lefkofridi and Iannis Konstantinidis.

Political Attitudes and the Breakdown of Cooperation: Evidence from a Public-Good game with Alexia Katsanidou and Gerhard Riener.

Gaining ground, losing ground: Radical right during the economic crisis with Vasiliki Georgiadou and Anastasia Kafe