Laboratory Experiments

Political Attitudes and the Breakdown of Cooperation: Evidence from a Public-Good game.

Together with Alexia Katsanidou (GESIS) and Gerhard Reiner (Uni Dusseldorf) we contacted a public good game laboratory experiment. Into our research we extendent the classic game by including a political institution as an external factor, able to affect the cooperation among the different subjects.


Survey experiments

Unemployment and economic voting in Greece: Evidence from a survey experiment

After the electoral victory of the left-wing party of Syriza, we conducted a survey experiment manipulating the level of unemployment among different groups. Our analysis cobmines the theoretical aproaches in political behaviour;  issue ownership and economic voting to challenges the idea that left-wing parties are always better off when unemployed is the most important issue.

“Acceptance of austerity policies: evidence from a survey experiment”

In this paper we explore the effect of populist framework on people’s perception on austerity policies. We do so by examing two important issues, a sociotropic one; the need for austerity measures in general, and an egocentric one; pension cuts. In addition we distinguish among two types of “enemies” to the pure people; the corrupted elite and the neoliberal policies of the EU.