Party systems in times of enduring economic crisis: Continuity and Change; GrEPOP 5th Annual conference

This year the annual General Conference of the Greek Elections Public Opinion and Parties Group was organised in collaboration with the  ECPR Standing Group on Southern European Politics  and the  Centre for Political Research from the 8th until the 9th of June at the Panteion University of Athens, Greece.

Conference Programme

The overall aim of this year’s workshop is to enhance knowledge on political and electoral behaviour in Greece and Southern Europe during the Great Recession. GrEPOP promotes and encourages the application of quantitative analysis in political science. From this perspective, we accept proposals for papers conducting research engaging with empirical data (e.g. public opinion surveys, electoral results, online surveys, party manifestos). Through this year’s collaboration with the SG on SEP, we aim to strengthen the international dimension of the conference and reinforce the broader Southern European perspective.

We are especially interested in panels and papers that discuss the following themes:

  • Attitudes towards democracy
  • Populism
  • Social movements
  • National and European elections
  • Referenda
  • Radicalisation
  • Party competition
  • New methods in political science (i.e. experiments, machine learning)
  • Online surveys and Voting Advice Applications
  • Big Data methods in Political Science
  • Analysis of party platforms and speeches
  • Political personnel and party leaders
  • Intraparty structures
  • Electoral volatility
  • Social and political cleavages